Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's all from the heart ♥

Assalamualaikum *jawablah salam, tak nak jawab ? ikut suka lahh, tapi nanti dapat dosa free. tahniah :) Actually, kali niey nak copy n paste post dari akak aku punye blogg, tapi post dia semua bahasa inggeris. Pada sesiapa yang tak faham bahsa inggeris dipersilakan lah ke google translate tapi kalau masih tak faham, aku sarankan kau masuk tadika balik lah. Bersimpati gila dengan nasib kau ==" hoho.

Okayy let's go with the flow ~

Do what we wear really reflected who we are? Is it okay to jugde a person on what he or she is wearing?

If a person is dressing like a punk or a gothic, does that mean she or he is an evil person ?And if a person is wearing a hijab and dressing properly as a muslim, does that really make her religious person ?


Those are the question that lately runnin throught out my mind, i was wndering whether the way i choose to dress myself are been influence by the perception of the public, and due to the fact that i was worried that people would give a bad judgement on the first look :( Hijab is compulsory for every muslim women to wear.. not wearing it, will be regard as disobeying the rule of allah. I once read an article whereby the author of the article are labeling woman who are not wearing hijab as bad, why ? because according to him a woman who are not wearing hijab are not only making sin for herself but also to the men who saw her hair.

Yes you got point, but who are we to judge a person. We are not god.. Only god can give judgement, the fact that a women is not wearing a hijab is between her and her creator.. who are we to determine whether she will be goin to heaven or hell in her hereafter life, Come on nobody perfect ?

Instead of giving judgement, why dont u give them advice, as a god vicegerent. It is our responsibility to exercise the amal maaruf and nahi mungkar, we cannot judge on how many good deed that a person has done by just looking on what she or he is wearing.

This is the false misconception that most of the time made by the public that a person who went to mosque regularly, and attend religious activities are the kind of person, who should be respected and to be make as an idol n a person who spend who spend most of the time pleasuring his time in the club should be avoided.

Its not like im saying that imam, a person wearing hijab or serban is not a good people, but what i'm tryin to tell here is that we should not straight away judge a people based on what they re wearing. It is true that seeing is believin, but smetimes we should look behind the veil to know the true identity and personality of the person.

Good deed = is not just praying

Praying = is compulsory
(whether how many time u commit sin, or how big the sin that u have make)

Responsibilty = GOD VICEGREANT on earth

Responsibilty = is not just performing prayer + attend religious activities.

As a nut shell, it is actually come from the heart, so we should never judge a person based on what he or she is wearin, and to not let the public influence us on the way we dress ourselve as long as it doesnt cnflict with the islamic teaching..

Dessert : Take a deep breath and think for a while about what good thinks and bad thinks that you had done today. In islam it is called : muhasabah

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